Treatment Services: Children

Children attend psychotherapy for various reasons.  Social issues, behavioral problems, adjustment to difficult life events, and strained relationships with parents are common challenges children and their parents face that can often use the expertise of a child psychologist in targeted treatment.

Treatment Method

Our clinicians utilize an array of psychotherapeutic modalities and techniques to help children express themselves and to provide them with the tools necessary to function in their environments in healthier ways.  Depending on a child’s presenting symptoms and personality, our clinicians may use play therapy techniques, cognitive-behavioral methods (CBT), “talk” therapy, or some combination of these treatment techniques to best help the child. 

Clinicians routinely meet with parents in collateral sessions to allow for a dialogue and to offer parents feedback as to their child’s psychological needs and ways to best parent and communicate with them effectively, in the interest of symptom relief and improved overall functioning.

Treatment Issues 

Treatment issues vary greatly. However, some of the commonly presenting treatment issues amongst children include: