Evaluation Services: Corporate

Diagnostics’ Corporate Division works hand in hand with corporate clients to structure detailed psychological assessments that yield information relevant to a company’s specific business decision needs.

Pre-Employment Assessments | Psychological Fitness for Duty Evaluations | Personality Assessments | Psychological/Neuropsychological Disability Determination Evaluations | Vocational Assessment | Independent Medical Evaluations

Pre-Employment Assessments

These evaluations help employers make informed recruiting and promotion decisions, typically for mid to high level employees, as they provide objective information regarding an individuals’ capacity to perform the tasks required of a given job.

Psychological Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Fitness for Duty evaluations are often requested by companies, law enforcement, and government agencies to determine whether an employee is able to safely and effectively perform his or her essential job functions when there is concern regarding a cognitive or psychological condition. The Fitness for Duty evaluation provides concrete information regarding the employee’s abilities, risk factors and planning for return to work.

Personality Assessments

There are many different types of measures utilized in personality assessment – projective, objective, inventories and questionnaires. The goal of personality assessment is to obtain an understanding of an individual’s personality characteristics and how he or she function in the world as a function of such. When applied to the work setting, these evaluations can glean information related but not limited to areas including stress tolerance, self-reliance, assertiveness, self-confidence, discipline and interpersonal style. Certain aspects of personality have been shown to effectively predict job performance and thus can be used for personnel selection.

Psychological/Neuropsychological Disability Determination Evaluations

When an employee has been placed on Disability leave for psychological or neuropsychological reasons, employers and/or insurance companies often request an Independent Medical Examination to ascertain that psychological, emotional or neuropsychological issues are, in fact, present and that disability leave is required.

Vocational Assessment

Vocational testing can be particularly useful for adolescents, young adults, and individuals considering a mid-life career change. Such assessment measures one’s abilities, interests, and personality characteristics and determines which occupations best match the individual on the basis of these factors.

Independent Medical Evaluations 

Our corporate clients can range from law enforcement agencies requiring Fitness for Duty Evaluations of prospective public safety officers; to insurance companies requiring Independent Medical Evaluations of a psychological or neuropsychological nature; to television studios interested in personality dynamics impacting casting decisions.